Robotic Technology – Is It Worth It?

Many authors believe that robots will eventually replace humans. There are an increasing number of publications regarding the subject and nearly all assume that such a scenario is only science fiction. Still others believe that we have already arrived at the era where such a scenario is feasible and have even postulated that it is already happening. In this article we will discuss the issues surrounding the ethical issues that are plaguing this field today.

Replacing humans

Some authors believe that robots will be able to think as well or even better than humans and some authors believe that robots will never be dangerous to humans. It is one thing to program a robot to do what humans do; it is entirely another to design a robot that can think as well or even better than humans. คนนี้ดัง There is a rapport between the human mind and computer technology and it is fascinating to watch how these systems evolve. However, developing a technology that can completely imfigure thought is simply not possible.

Right now, we only have semiconductor silicon based systems, and it is QVCC semiconductor that is the basis for most robot guidance systems. So, the answer to the question that follows above is that semiconductor technology is not the route to go and current silicon based systems are not yet strong enough to take on the strong concepts of intelligent systems.


The cost of a robotic system has been prohibitive for a long time. The price has come down somewhat, but the cost still isn’t coming down that much and doesn’t bode well for cost-conscious companies. หนังมาแรง Perhaps a cheaper manufacturing method usingassembled robotswill be able to generate sufficient revenue to offset the cost, but we are a bit hesitant about that.

nmResearch has developed an illumination technology ( for strong light sources, we have not had any experience with nm LEDs yet, but plan on seeing how it performs in our future robotic power system. Development and production of this product is anticipated for 2011, and could launch a product for market release in early 2012.

nmLED Safes and Robots are yet another source of pending innovation for 2011. Though there are many sources of semiconductors today, we believe that there is a world of discovery yet to be made. sexy Engineers and scientists are using nanotechnology to engineer new materials for future electronics and probably inventing new metallic alloys for future robot use. Though nanotechnology is highly speculative, it may open a new era in power, communications and manufacturing technologies. For sure, nanotechnology promises to be a force for good on Earth.

This is great stuff, but now let’s dive into the world of wearable, literate, contact, but heavily augmented robotic appliances. imagined robotic versions of yourself from parts of your body? The Buick debuting at CES 2011 is a start, but don’t expect it to be your whole body.

On the Sci Fi Network, they are showing off a robotic hand that goes into your DVD collection. The hand can actually read your DVD’s and interact with your DVD’s. Why is this important? You might have movies stored on your computer hard drive, and you might want to put in your DVD’s to your robotic hand. Your robotic hand can then retrieve and play your VCR tape, and yes, it can actually read your DVD’s. How cool is that?

Best of all, your robotic hand can actually communicate with your robotic brain. And yes, your robotic brain can actually communicate with your robotic hand. ชนโรงซับไทย Think of the possibilities. Imagine being able to play your music on your robotic hand, without the hand actually playing the music. Imagine being able to check your email and respond to it yourself, without it making that annoying ‘beep’ as it turns… halt the music…. per minute… every time I’m about to check my email I’ll get a cease and a promise to my mailbox that my next report won’t be…. that… bald bothered me. Would you have any faith in your robotic butler?

One more point about the wonderful potential of nanotechnology, and this is an important pointiness. ขาวมาก But your robotic butler won’t be any good if his brain is also nanoscale. If nanotechnology is successful then your butler robot could be considered to be a nanomachine. A nanomachine is a collection of parts that are made from nanoscale materials. Now if your butler robot was a collection of nanoscale materials he would be a collection of nanomachines. A nanomachine is, quite simply, a collection of nanoscale materials. If you have a nanomachine you are also a collection of nanoscale materials.